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Website Design Made Easy Using PHP Code

The PHP scripting language has become popular and it was designed specifically for producing web pages. Many web design company in Delhi use PHP as the implementation language because it allows them to build a dynamically-generated web page quickly and easily. It gives you the option to create a PHP template that you can use to create and design your website faster. Here are steps on how to design your website using PHP code easily:

Step 1: Start by creating a folder. Inside the folder, create two new files: index.html and style.css.

Step 2: Inside the folder, create two additional folders: the first one should be named “includes” and the second folder “variables”.

Step 3: Open the index.html file using your favorite HTML editor and start creating your basic HTML website.

Step 4: Open the .css file and add the divs you will be using. Use your own styling in creating your website to suit your needs.

Step 5: Create some more files to be used when we start converting the template to PHP. Open the folder with the name “variables”, then create a blank file called variables.php. Go to the “includes” folder created earlier and add the following files: header.php, nav.php, sidebar.php, and footer.php.

Step 6: Add content to the index.html file.

Step 7: Convert the template to PHP. Take a brief look at the HTML code and decide which areas will be sliced.

Step 8: After slicing the HTML code, place the code in the proper PHP files created.

Step 9: Do the sidebar. Copy and cut the sidebar div and place it into the sidebar.php file created located inside the “includes” folder. Do the same thing in the footer area.

Step 10: Once our index.html are completely and properly sliced, rename it to index.php. This will now become your template, as long as the PHP includes are on any page you only have to modify the one single file to make it visible across the entire website. With this, there’s no need.

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