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Mixed Content Blocking News On Google Chrome

The new trends of Google always become create difficulty for online businesses. Understanding the various updates and new things of search engine optimization is a hectic and tuff task for the companies that are running the online website. But the guidance of SEO Company in Delhi makes this task easy for them. Here we have come with the new update and news of Google. You must take a look at this blog section to stay strong in the tuff competition also.

According to the recent update, Google informed the online website owners that browse will now start blocking different web pages with mixed content. Don’t worry about it because it will start in December 2019 and you should eradicate all possible mistakes related to the mixed content in web pages before the blocking process of chrome. All publishers should examine their website to confirm there are no resources that are automatically loaded using the insecure HTTP Protocol.

Concept of Mixed Content:

The secure web page loaded through HTTPS also contains different components including scripts, styles, images, and other linked content. When these secure pages serve through the insecure HTTP Protocol then it is called mixed content.

1. How Mixed Content Affect SEO Ranking?

Mixed Content also affects your SEO Ranking. Due to the technical error browser may also not catch your web page perfectly and now Google is also in the mood of taking negative action towards the mixed content web pages on the internet by blocking them.

2. Form Security:

Mixed content is also the identity of high-security risk for the visitors on your website and your portal as well. Thus to improve the browsing security features on Google Chrome, they announced for the blocking of those web pages that have mixed content.

3. Chrome 99

At present, Google is loading mixed content on web pages and not taking any action. But from December 2019 with the introduction of Chrome 99 Google will take two important actions and these are:

1. The automatic update of HTTP Content to HTTPS

2. Google will also launch a toggle that a chrome user can use to unblock any type of insecure resources that chrome is blocking.

Impact on Publishers With Google Mixed Content Blocking Action;

Users can also back from the website because Google also displays a security warning on your web page. This may also affect the sales, leads, and traffic and ad views of the publishers. Therefore, Google is in the mood of strict actions against the mixed content web pages. A Right SEO Services Company in Delhi NCR has always optimized the new updates and other important stuff to secure your website from any negative impact of Google Updates.

Steps to Check Your Site for Mixed Content:

The different ways are available to check the mixed content on your website. Take a look at all these:

1. Online Mixed Content Scanner

2. JitBit SSL Checker (This is the free online scanner for publishes to scan up to 400 pages of your website.

WordPress Plugin

Simple SSL                                

The Simple SSL is not a heavyweight and this is the lightweight plugin that can easily manage the migration of SSL and also check the solution of mixed content. The already WordPress Website can also be migrated to SSL then you can SSL Insecure content fixer WordPress Plugin to scan your website.

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