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Latest Google Algorithm Update on Featured Snippets?

Do you know the importance of featured Snippets? Well, Featured Snippets are so much important for your content and if you still not aware of the importance of featured snippets then you may miss the chance to perform on the top position of Google. Here is the Latest Google Algorithm Update on Featured Snippets by Google.

Google has recently announced the new update which is mainly based on the importance of featured snippets. Well, Google is now recognized only fresh and updated featured snippets according to the recent Google Algorithm Update. Yes, this is right and with this announcement so many Google Marketing Professionals now keep focus on the featured snippets in their content.

What are Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippets are the answers to the user’s queries in the form of question and answers. Yes, you can also give the answers to the questions of the users in your content and generate more traffic on your website with the updated featured snippets. For example, you can type search on Google box how to make pineapple cake?

What You Will Get on Top Results?

Before on the Web Pages Results of Different Pages, you will get small content related to your questions. Featured Snippets are mainly referring to the interrogative sentences such as What, How, Why, Where, and many more other things. These are the users’ queries and short content on the top section of Google Page is known as the featured snippets.

Google Wants to Give Timely Data to the Users:

The data for the users' search should be based on the latest content and information. Many times, Google shown the old answers and content which are not appropriate for the users' queries and that’s why they close the page because they don’t get useful information. This means, Google wants to provide timely information to the clients and that’s why in the Google Algorithm June 2019 Update, it announces to give importance to the latest and fresh featured content snippets.

Google Wants to Provide Fresh & Updated Content to Users:

This is also the reason that Google launches the Google Algorithm Update 2019 because it wants to give fresh and updated content to the users related to their queries. As we know, old content based on the old information and old technology and that’s why a user can’t get the answer to their question with the appropriate way.

Can You Need to Change Your Featured Snippets in Content Time to Time?

Not in all cases, because some queries rely upon on the time or user query nature. For example, if you search on Google this keyword:

Upcoming Festival in India

The search result of this keyword varies every year. Because Google fetch the updated and fresh content and it does not show the data of the previous year such as 2018. On the other hand, we can also take the example of mobile, gadget or technology. If you search top 5 best camera phone on Google, then it may also show the featured snippets of old phones and the new phones with updated camera quality had already introduced. This means, in some cases, Google does not provide the valid information in featured snippets.

The Best SEO Company in Delhi, India always works with the new Google Update because we understand the importance of Google Search Engine for your business. Our methods and SEO Process always keep an eye on the latest trends and update by Google.

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