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If You Want To Be a Winner, Change Your SEO strategy

If You Want To Be a Winner, Change Your SEO strategy now!

Winning is a dream for everyone. But it does not come to you unless you change your SEO strategy towards your goal.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” to have your website optimized for the search engines. It helps to put your site on the top whenever specific keywords are typed into the search engine query box. It is vital to choose right SEO strategy when there are many options available.

What is SEO Strategy?

Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing. Every owner wants his website rank on the Google’s front page. No doubt a top ranked website helps to generate the significant amount of revenue. Due to the higher competition in the market daily updates are released, new trends are discussed and latest strategies are developed. It is the need of an hour in which you need you must pay an attention.

Recently on dated 14 July 2017 Google updated on his search metrics in Google Search Console’s Search Analytics. They informed us through this notification; “An  incremental improvement in Google's logging system now provides better accounting for results in lower positions. This change might cause increase in impressions, but also a decrease in average positions. This change only affects Search Console reporting, not your actual performance on Google Search.”

What is the need of SEO Strategy?

The visitors easily get caught up in the nuts and bolts of different SEO strategies. After all, positioning yourself on the top on the Search Engine Results Page is the game changer for business enterprise everywhere. Let’s have a look a ton the benefits of an SEO strategy.

  • Increase the Traffic to your Website

A top ranked website can attract a large number of audience. SEO focus on keyword titles,  tags and Meta’s that help to show up in the result pages.

  • Higher the ROI

When it comes to ROI SEO provides quality results, no matter your website which type of your website is. Whether it is e-commerce or non-commerce site.

  • Cost effective

SEO targets the users who are actively looking for your services or product. Due to the inbound nature of SEO, a business can save money as compared to paid services online.

  • Brand awareness

Since a top position ranking obviously increases your brand impression. The top ranked companies are perceived to be more reliable than the companies which are at the lower rank.

  • Easy Navigation

SEO comprises of rearranging the site’s design and links to make pages within the website which helps the users to find and navigate.


How to change the SEO Strategy?

  • Create an influencer

An influencer is a person to whom people listen to online. While doing SEO, having an influencer in your corner will attract the visitors’ link to your website, trust your content and share your blog posts. If the influencer is a subject-matter expert which can head up the content creation for your website. This person can be an employee of your company or anybody you align with.

  • Content-marketing Strategy must be established

Every website must have a content strategy designed around the top keywords. Whenever you create a blog, video, research reports, webinars or whitepapers, it gives the visitors something to link to. The content created by you can rank itself in the search engines.

The regular content creation shows that your website is alive and active. The fresh content sends the signal to the Google on a continuous basis. Deifnlety it will result in the top ranking of your website as a whole.

Tips: The unique and longer content will perform better in the search engines.

  • Keep your website updated with current news

To get the top ranking update what’s happening in your industry. Build yourself up as a leader in your field by publishing on different websites. Even no executive should ever be behind in the race of updating its industries latest trends.

  • Improve the user experience

Your website should always be a work in progress to improve the user’s experience. Focus on making conversation process as continuous as possible. The more user-friendly website means you will get potential customers. Utilize user testing, eye tracking, click tracking and voice of customer analysis tools.

  • Become a member where your audience meet

Check where your customer base is talking and participate in that. Share the relevant content, provide quality customer service and be genuine. The social signals in the form of Facebook like, shares, comments, tweets etc. will contribute a lot to your SEO ranking.

  • Come with Mobile-ready Website

In the year 2015, there was a major Google update is Mobilegeddon. It means if you did not have a mobile version of your website by 21st April 2015, you will lose a major amount of ranking in the mobile version of the google search listing.

  • Earn links rather than building them

The inbound links are the most influential signal of trust. Rather building links on irrelevant blogs and chasing large quantities of links to search results. A single link on a high-quality relevant website is valuable forthe SEO, leads, sales, attracting the visitors and branding exposure.

There is no point of doubt that SEO Strategy plays a vital role in promoting your business. If your venture is still missing to employ an SEO program as a part of SEO Strategy. Then you must be missing your potential customers.

Hope this article will help you to create a perfect SEO strategy to your website. For more information be with us.

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