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How to increase website traffic with SMO

How to increase website traffic with Social Media Optimization?

There is no doubt that Social Media Optimization has the ability to enhance your blog or website traffic on the web.

Lead generation gives ultimate benefit by creating and maintaining a social media presence. For this one requires having fans & followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. Having a large number of followers & fan base translates to more audience reach.

Content alone does not mean that it will drive more traffic to the website. However, what is required is that the content is shared on social media platforms. Hard to believe but true, it has been observed that sharing on social media more than doubles the traffic on the website.

Once the new content is published, it becomes more important to promote it through social media platforms. Sharing on social media gets more clicks on each share.

Find below ways that help to increase traffic with Social Media Optimization?

Encourage your audience with visuals :

As per the latest survey by Adobe, it was seen that social media posts with images create 650% more engagements than text posts. The visuals content further helps to encourage and increase the purchasing decision of a product for the user. When a customer is able to view a video or demo it increases the chances manifold in order to make a buying decision at that point of time.

34% of people choose social media at their first choice for customer care.

Create content which is easily shareable :

As we all live in a digital age, it becomes important for the content to be easy and simple to share. In some instances, the content is difficult to comprehend and thus hard to share on mobile devices to drive social media traffic. Neil Patel has correctly said: “The harder it is to share your content the less likely will they share”.

Social media plugins and buttons :

As we all have easy access to various plugins to enhance website designing. These plugins are available on the web. These help us to spread the content via social media easily. One such way is using click to Tweet, as it allows readers to highlight those parts in the content which is shared on social media without the need to leave the page.

Ensure that social media buttons are mobile friendly and do not in any way distract the users while scrolling. On can use free heat map plugins like Crazy Egg and Mouseflow for WordPress site to find out where the reader clicks most while reading the blog content. Based on this information one can add social share buttons. It also helps to further increase the traffic on the content immediately by Social Media Optimization.

Develop your SEO :

If one wants to make the content readable and more shareable, always ensure the content is being shared correctly and in an effective manner. These days Digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds but some points to consider on Search Engine Optimization best practices.

Find below some of the basic terms must be integrated into SEO best practices into the content :

  1. Increase online visibility.
  2. Create more leads/sales.
  3. Support your brand’s authority and domain.
  4. Stay connect with direct audience
  5. Keep up your social media traffic.

Create inbound links :

Always start the day with building quality content as this will help to encourage external sites to link to the website with social media. Being a social media examiner make it a point to share various social media resources. Increased promotion of the content encourages the other outlets too. Every share of your content put it in different eyes.

It might not immediate not be immediately effective for newer social users. But it’s good to get the habit of sharing other’s posts and at your own page to build decent relationships.

Key to build follower count :

The chances of your online presence will increase with social media publishing. Once you start to see a point in social media traffic, you should not skip posting at any cost as it impacts Social Media Optimization.

Daily publishing routine is crucial to effective social media traffic building as it leads to increase website traffic volume. Schedule each day on how much to post on each site and at what time. Constant contact and metrics will help in guiding how much content to be posted each day/week/month and so on.

  1. Create a post on Facebook 3-10 times a week
  2. Create a post on Google + 3-10 times a week.
  3. Create a post on LinkedIn 2-5 times a week.
  4. On Instagram 2 times a day.
  5. Tweet at least 5-times a day.

Design a Social media Calendar :

In order to check the speed on each social media channel, one needs to complete the social media calendar on a regular basis. After completing the schedule, we get a clear idea of the publishing habits, schedules, and techniques. We can also check the post date and time by social media calendar as this will help further to see a change in the social media traffic.

Social media Competitive analysis :

Always be aware of what the competitors are doing as this is a sign of correct marketing strategy. The same perception should require the following for your strategy. Make it a practice to take insights from competitors as it gives a better idea to build an audience on the social media platform. Remember you don’t need to copy your competitors, after doing the analysis you need to shape your own strategy.

Some important points to remember are :

  1. Successful posting time and days
  2. Most fetching social channels.
  3. How frequent they reply to their queries or comments.
  4. Types of content published by them for example images, videos, quotes, etc.

Regularly engage with an audience :

Engagement with the audience is the most important aspect of social media optimization. Be engaged with your followers. Check what content is driving maximum comments, impressions, clicks, and shares. It will give a better idea for our own social media content planning.

Building a social media reach is a steady process and will further help to increase the audience reach. social media optimization is the key to success.

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