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How professionals use Email Marketing for business

Do you send emails to your clients only to get no response? Are you facing the bad open rates of emails? Now is the time to check where your campaigns are going wrong and how can you make them effective?

According to marketing experts, marketing is a skill and it is done best when doesn’t feel like marketing. To reach the customer directly through email it is called Email marketing. It can be used to send an advertisement, solicit sales and other business purposes. The purpose of this type of marketing is to build loyalty, brand awareness and trust among the customers.

According to an online survey by Adobe, close to 73% of marketers use email marketing in their business. And for that, you need to choose a good marketing platform so that the emails sent by you do not end up with spam folders. Find below tips to make your email campaign more effective.

Connect with your target customers

You can stay connected with your target audience on regular basis through email marketing. Whenever a customer needs your products or services, they will definitely buy it from your company. Moreover, they could also refer your products to their family, friends, and peers.

These days an E-commerce website is the need for an hour and email marketing can play an important role to promote your online business.

E-commerce Companies use this strategy to its best use in a seasonal sale and festive season time to reach out customers. Thus email marketing becomes all the more important in such cases.

This is done reach out to new customers by providing discounts on new products, festival specials, and others. This exercise would make customer share and forward those emails to their family and friends.

Mobile Friendly content

A campaign which cannot be seen via mobile devices is not going deliver the right results. So you must ensure that the email content you send must be seen on mobile.

Check for the Spam Rules:

Many people send spam because they don’t know any better way. You must check the CAN-SPAM act to avoid the trouble. Avoid spam filters some tips are given below

  • Never use traditional sale call to action.
  • Don’t use spammy phrases in your content.
  • Send HTML and Plain text version of your emails and don’t ignore the plain text version. As the spam filters compare the HTML and plain text messages and if 90% is HTML and 10% is plain text, it means you are having a risk of getting flagged.
  • Always avoid Microsoft Word or FrontPage to generate HTML text. This code is terrible and spam filters never like it.
  • Never send one giant graphics without any text. An email must have a good mix of images and text. Hire a reliable designing company.


  • Increase the website traffic via sharing new content :

Email marketing is one of the best options to drive the people to your website. You need to add links to the content which can drive them back to your website. For that, you need to create a unique email content that will attract them to your website. It helps to keep your brand on the top of their mind and thus drive traffic to your website.

  • Save money and time:

Email Marketing can save money and time. By going digital as it means avoid printing paper, envelops and postage cards. On the content part of an email newsletter, you can work with a designer to design a newsletter template which you can use again and again to promote your product or service.

  • Create an attractive subject line :

Always ensure the subject line of the email must be compelling enough to encourage the receiver to open it. For example, the subject line can be “Last Chance”, “Ends tonight” etc. the success of your campaign depends on the offer in the email.

  • Avoid to send image-based emails :

Write a text-based email with links to your website. No doubt images look pretty when sent in an email but email platform services such as Microsoft Outlook, block them automatically. It means that most people just see the incomplete content of that image. It’s a good idea to write short but descriptive paragraphs with links to the website.

  • Use Email Marketing tools :

Using email marketing services is generally considered good as an internet marketing strategy. There are various tools that are available such as:

  • Using Auto-Responder.
  • Managing the subscription of your customers.
  • Sending emails to your customers.
  • Also sending up follow-up emails.

Mail Chimp, Aweber, Sendgrid, Intercom, Constant Contact, Get Response and Vertical Response is the tools for email marketing.

Thus to summarize it can be said that using email marketing strategy is a good way of internet marketing. As in the present time, you cannot wait for the customers to come to you so you have to figure out where they are and how you need to contact them and bring them back to your website.

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