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Five SEO Trends For Your Digital Marketing in 2019?

The new changes in SEO Trends came with something new every day. Therefore, it is the duty of every digital marketing expert or professional to aware of all updated and latest trends of SEO. To follow the different changes and appearing high on the Google Ranking the new SEO trends are born in the world. Let’s take a look at the Predominant 5 SEO Trends for your Digital Marketing Program in 2019. I know, the half time of 2019 has already gone, but don’t miss the good leads for upcoming The 6 months and take a look at the Latest SEO Trends for 2019.

# No.1 Predominant SEO Trend 2019: The Heavy Domination of Voice Search:

The increasing percentage of mobile users has also boosted the domination of voice search in the users. You may don’t know about this predominant SEO trend 2019 for your website ranking. The users give more preference to the voice search in comparison to old orthodox typing. It is also the prediction of many famous digital marketing experts that by 2020 end, 50% users of all online traffic will organize based on voice search spoke inquiries. 

# No.2 Predominant SEO Trend 2019: Importance of Features Snippets

If you are not aware of the term of featured snipped then you may miss the most important SEO Technique and trend also. Do you want to know how? Well, these featured snippets are also known as the answer boxed. The mode of giving direct answers to searched while positing the query and answer is known as the featured snippets. You can also add the featured snippets in your website pages to get high rank on the results of search engine results. Total popular featured snippets are

•   Video Features Snippets
•   Table Based Featured Snippets
•   Paragraph featured snippets
•   The list featured snippets (bulleted and numbered)

# No.3 Predominant SEO Trend 2019: Video optimization

Only Voice Search Optimization is not helpful to take over the interest and traffic on your website. You should also need to give information from the mode of videos. The videos are the rich source to earn traffic on the website. However, the informative and appropriate stuff related videos always rank on YouTube. You should also choose or picked the right keywords for this strategy

# No.4 Predominant SEO Trend 2019: Focus on Real-Time Google Search

When I work on any project and start the keyword research the first thing which is started for my project is real-time research. Do you know the concept of real-time search? Well, you can also use the Online Shopping Apps such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and Snapdeal Search Bar as the Search Engine for your product or service. Amazon is the worldwide search engine and most buyers put their inquiries. Therefore, you can find out the popular and relevant keywords from Amazon Search Engine. 

# No.5 Predominant SEO Trend 2019: Mobile Friendly Compatibility 

You should always make sure the mobile compatibility of your website for the easy access of the users. This is the most important trend in SEO for 2019. Without mobile-friendly feature in your digital marketing program, you can’t generate traffic on your website because around 70% of traffic comes from mobile search at present. Tech India InfoTech is the best company for SEO Services in India. We help the business for expanding their business on the online platform. Therefore, choose only reliable and trusted SEO Company in Delhi for enhancing your website ranking.

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