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Do you make these common mistakes while doing SEO?

Are you using the SEO for your primary traffic on your website? And not able to get the output you want. You must check the shortcoming while working for your strategy. If you don’t do this you might miss thousands of visitors daily.

Sometimes after working for a long time, your website is still on the second or third page. There are no chances of appearing on the first page. In that case to check where you are lagging the things.

If you want a solution to your query then you are on the right page. We all deserve a chance to clean up our mistakes.

These common mistakes are as mentioned below :

  • 1. Improper Research of Keywords

Optimization is based on the keywords that you put in your website for top ranking. The lacking of keywords research is the most common mistake. Describe your product and services in a way that your potential customer would use to search them.

However, if you are selecting the correct term to consider something, but it might mean completely different for the other people so the SEO result would be a lower ranking of your website due to ineffective keywords.

You must do a background research carefully before starting the optimization. Check the competition of the keywords and also see the websites of your competitors as it is also helpful to find the right keywords for your website.

Helpful Tips- Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool, SEMrush, Moz Keyword Explorer, Ahref and Google Trends to put your finger on the pulse of trending and proper keywords.

  • 2. Absence of Title Tags and Meta Description

Once you have done with the optimization of the content with the target keywords in your article. You need title tags and Meta descriptions which are essential elements of SEO Ranking. Missing them means a huge missed potential for your content.

These factors are considered by search engines while crawling your website, once it’s properly done, they will garnish the performance of your content.

Another technical detail that a content marketer does not include is image alt tags. The alt tag of visuals are the important part of your Image, Google reads alt tags to know about images. The search bots cannot see the pictures, as they do not understand them but they can read the alt tags and add up this information the way they index your pages.

  • 3. Publishing the Duplicate Content on your website

One of the known mistakes is related to the quality of your content. Search engines penalize this approach. Copying content is considered as spam and is an offense.

When it comes to the top ranking thin and duplicate content are not considered at all for optimization at all. Instead of copying content from other websites you need to create your own original, high-quality content. And for this, you can hire a content writer who can do the same for your website in a more effective manner.

It is the best way to make sure that your website doesn’t get downgraded in the search results.

Tip: Avoid keyword stuffing and overusing into your content.

  • 4. Absence of the quality Backlinks

Always ensure that the quality of external links included in the content is vital rather than their quantity. It is the best way to make sure that the link is the relevant and well-ranked website with high reputation. Use backlinks to your website from other sites as this helps to bring back more traffic in the future.

Having a link from a popular blog can do more for your search engine ranking than thousands of low-quality directory links. No doubt they are harder to get, but search engines place trust in them.

  • 5. Focus on the various points on getting links

  • The relevance of your website and industry.
  • Not having a lot of outgoing links.

Tips: Use free tool SEO quake to check the strength of the domain and incoming links to the page.

  • 6. Absence of Responsive website

Of course! Quality of your website matters, a mobile-friendly website is user’s top choice.

If you have not considered a smooth mobile experience website for your audience, automatically your rating in search engines will be affected. The same is the case when it comes to loading speed to load a site, as search engines put an emphasis on that as well.

The slower a website takes to load, will lead to a lower ranking on SERP. You can use online tools GT Metrix and Pingdom to analyze exactly where the speed problem lies and the method to fix it.

  • 7. Absence of Social Media Interactions

Optimization includes social aspect as well. When you share your content on social media sites, the main objective is to get the significant online influence. As a result of using this practice, your content is noticed by target audience as well as search engines.

So it’s vital to create the relationship with such social media platforms and use their creditability to promote your content. Submit your blog posts or website promo to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit and Stumble Upon.

It is one of the simplest methods about your content shared by a user as it can be seen by different audiences. Building relationships and doing planned outreach via influencers is an integral part of optimization approach.

  • 8. Do not forget to use the Analytics

Many marketers would disregard the numbers, it is crucial. Design a plan and regular review your analytics is an essential part to get the results.

Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools are main tools which you can use to measure and get an overview of your web performance. Through these tools, you can see how your optimization is working for different kinds of content and using different strategies you are trying for.

In the end, we can say it’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that define our performance on SERP. The above common mistakes one should be conscious of while working on the optimization of the site before you realize these mistakes and ensure to correct them on time.

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